How our maths interventions work

Pupils receive personalised lessons in the online classroom. You’re kept up to date on progress.

Target pupils

You decide which pupils to support, based on pupil premium funding, attainment or confidence

Weekly online lessons

Pupils talk, draw and explain their way through high quality 1-to-1 lessons via a shared screen and headset

Personalised learning

Specialist tutors adapt lesson pitch and pace for each pupil, and progress is regularly reported back to you

How it works

Identify your target pupils

You can select pupils of any ability across KS2, whether that’s based on pupil premium funding, pupil ability or confidence levels

Choose your lessons

You choose to either select lessons based on class teaching or for adaptive assessment to select lessons automatically

Receive 1-to-1 lessons

Pupils have a 45 minute online maths lesson each week, sharing an interactive screen with their tutor and communicating via a headset

Plug individual gaps

Tutors personalise the lesson to the pupil’s level, using assessment for learning, guided practice and questioning for greater depth.

Stay updated with progress

You’re kept up to date with your pupils’ learning every step of the way with weekly reports and longer-term progress overviews

Interventions to support your target pupils:

KS2 SATs Intervention (Y6)

Y6 intervention

Ensure your Y6 pupils are SATs ready by May with 1-to-1 lessons  focused on consolidating KS2 maths concepts. – Starting January 2019!

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Earlier Intervention (Y3-5)

Y3-5 intervention

Build the foundations for long term improvements in maths attainment with 1-to-1 lessons throughout KS2.

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Quick to set up

We know you’ve got more important things to be doing than spending time trying to implement something new.

We’re not here to overhaul your maths provision, we’re here to boost progress. You can be easily up and running in a week.

Support when you need it

After a quick initial setup you’ll be ready to go.

Our online platform is easy to use, but if you do find you need help we have a dedicated support team only a phone call or email away.


How does it all work?

You choose your target pupils, and each week they’ll have a session with their own specialist KS2 maths tutor. Sessions take place in our secure online classroom and are all fully interactive, with pupil and tutor talking, drawing and typing their way through their Maths problems via a shared screen and a headset.

How will you adapt to my school’s needs?

Working with over 700 primary schools and 7,000 pupils each week, we are the largest provider of 1-to-1 maths interventions in the UK. We’re adept at adapting our personalised lessons to support the scheme of work that each school follows

My budget is extremely tight. Can you still help?

Speaking to so many schools on a daily basis, we’re aware of the challenges schools are currently facing. Schools of all different sizes and budgets have seen impact through our 1-to-1 interventions. Our mission has always been to support schools like these and we’re confident we can find a package to suit your school.

How do I know this will help the pupils in my school?

You choose the type of support each pupil needs. You decide to either select your preferred lessons from our bank of 270+, or opt for dynamic online assessment to identify key topics for each pupil. This allows tutors to tailor each session towards the specific needs of each individual pupil. You’re kept up to date with progress every step of the way